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(HAK | EYM) A rival to Callin? The Wisdom app. Uh oh! I’m considering to use it for the 1st, World Reading Club, Book Focus. What do you think? The 1st recording is riddled with digital distortion, but the mark has been made. https://join.wisdom.audio/Thc3.

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Metaverse Construct Part One

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Extra extra read all about it facebook metablueprint and constructing the metaverse hey do we have a rival to call in here I’m not as familiar with all of these different apps as I probably could or should be

However I just got invited to the wisdom app is it arrival to call in the wisdom apple I’m considering to use it for the first world reading club book focus

You know what putting first world reading club no that’s okay you know what take it as you will it’s the first world reading club book focus what do you think

So the first recording I did on the wisdom app join wisdom audio you can find my account at join wisdom audio thc three which I think is austin thc three

That’s in my profile that’s awesome and anyway the link is in actually no that’s the episode which is the same name as this one here which is facebook meta blueprint and constructing the meta verse

And what did I go through on that well I basically talked about the facebook meta digital marketing associate and other certifications that meta technologies is offering and how they are not what a lot of people think those courses are and they have a wrong idea

Or somebody has taken over facebook and done something either really good for the world or this is a deceptive thing that’s happening to it’s good pr is what it is

Anyway I’m impressed and I’m not a joiner of those kinds of things all the time I do for research and investigation and usually very quickly I catch wind of what is going on and I pop out of there

This is communications I’m hakim ali focus alexander welcome the link to my top mentor account on wisdom is planted in here as well as the specific show that I did stay for uniquilibrium

And I am now deciding whether or not I’m going to use which app am I going to use for the first world reading club book focus which we’re focusing on joy in plain sight by katya davidova

And that’s launching on august 23 2022 which is just three days from now three days and 3 hours technically 09:00 p.m. there’s nothing you really have to do

You can tune in on callin and or on wisdom and I’m also going to put something up on spreaker again because wisdom allows me to download the podcast and transfer them to spreaker

Which I haven’t really explored too much of doing with the callin app but I’m going to try again I just didn’t find the utility as easy as I would like to or find the recordings when I tried to download them

I don’t know if it’s a new beta feature or if it’s not working well I have to check on it for a little bit I kind of just gave up on that and just been spreading the callin podcast that I’m doing through my blogs and on social media

But we’re going to see so that’s one thing I’m recording this right now also as a check here on my communications podcast on colin to see if what the audio sounds like

I’m in the yoga studio or what’s known as the mind body studio at one life fitness redmill in virginia beach virginia it’s on general booth boulevard near the corner of general booth and damneck road

Just south of damneck on the east side of general booth boulevard the address is general booth boulevard if anybody wants to come out there’s really great fitness trainers here

And earlier I recorded a three hour long talk had a few callers calling one of them was chris cavallo of cavallo creations proving my social proof formula because I posted the link on facebook and he callin me right after that and couldn’t get through to me because I was on wisdom and he saw the link on facebook and called in and I was just talking about him on that app

And I had a couple of other people callin and friend me on facebook and instagram after the talk and I find it to be a wonderful tool but we’re going to see because I’m recording in the same room that I recorded that in earlier

I was on there from about I don’t know I think about one sometime around one until four a little bit after four 3 hours something so it must have been somewhere around that

I know I taught a class this morning at 915 to 1015 and very shortly after that I was digging into the wisdom app so that’s it this is short I don’t know if I think this might be the first talk that I’ve done on the communications with two k’s podcasts here on callin

So I’m going to see how this sounds and what it sounds like and then I’m going to compare I’m going to do some more stuff on wisdom and I’m going to do promotions leading up to the world reading clubs

First book focus on joy in plain sight by katya davidova and I’ll keep you posted it’s going to be great it’s promoting literacy in the world reading and the love of learning

So the joy of learning through the love of reading so let’s get this on spread the word please everybody there are instructions on how to do it you find me at unique equilibrium on instagram

And you like the post about joy in plain sight by katya davidova and then follow my show the world reading club here on colin and I may even do something else on the wisdom app

Hello greg thanks for popping in so yes the facebook meta blueprint and constructing the metaverse I’ll give a few notes on that and I’m going to pop out of here

I’ll give the cliff notes about what I talked about on the wisdom app and basically here it is in a nutshell I found out that because something popped out to me

I guess it was after well I don’t guess it was after I registered my company in the state of virginia the commonwealth of virginia I registered unique equilibrium llc here

Shortly after that I started getting of course different messages of promos and things one of them was a scholarship totally 100% free through facebook

Meta technologies for some beginning to advanced courses all the way from a digital marketing associate all the way up to a spark augmented reality creator and everything in between

From a marketing science professional or specialist to media buying professional media buying experts media planning community managers and all that so those are some different things that the meta blueprint put out there

Interestingly right now it’s restricted to the black community I don’t know what they’re doing that for and why it’s not just open to everyone but everything in there says this is for the black community only

It’s 100,000 scholarships and they are rolling that out until 2023 they started I believe in june of 2020 and they’ve given themselves three years to recruit 100,000 black learners

Again I don’t know why they opened up to black folks only I don’t know what they’re up to and what they’re doing but I’ve got access to all of it and the interesting thing about it is that the meta blueprint certifications are universally applicable

Meaning you can take what you learn from there and use it for marketing and promoting and advertising any worthy cause that you deem fit for such things

It teaches you how all of this internet marketing and specifically social media marketing works it really is an actual blueprint I do not get paid by facebook or meta technologies right now

Directly or indirectly that I know of because I’ve never signed up for any such thing it is possible that once I complete all these courses that they will start offering me jobs either directly through them or they will put me into a pool of a whole bunch of other people who companies want these types of services

Hey derek welcome back I saw you pop in and out so the thing about these certifications is that they kind of give people from what I can see so far

A hand up an advantage on doing the exact same thing that facebook has been doing and researching for years to get people’s attention and sell them whatever the heck they want to sell them by putting things in front of people

I mean they’ve done a lot of research the research is really sound it’s based on some very deep marketing science a lot of people may not think that marketing has a science

But they do things like split test for example and randomized control trials just like in other types of scientific research and they give you all of that information and piece by piece

They show you how to build it up while you’re taking this course and again I’m not a joiner a person who just likes to join and jump on the bandwagon of things

But lately I’ve been seeing some really amazing stuff one of them for example is this call in app which helps to bring a lot of people together to listen and share ideas

The other one now is I’m looking at this wisdom app which just kind of blows my mind callin was the first of its kind that I’ve seen so far I’m not saying anything bad about wisdom

But so far my experience wasn’t the best yet it could just be the room that I was in and my 5g connection or it could have been because I had my wi fi on and the wifi signal here wasn’t very good and that was causing some feedback and different issues as I was recording

It starts off pretty sketchy I didn’t get to listen to all of it because it’s 3 hours long of me talking which I don’t usually do I have a couple of times when I was catching up with old friends when I first got back to the united states and did a bunch of podcasts

When I was also drinking my sorrows away I was drinking entire bottles of vodka just to get to sleep for some grief that I’m still ongoing dealing with

But it’s getting better I don’t drink alcohol anymore all by myself I did it like a big boy although I’m not saying you’re not a big boy or lady or girl or woman if you go to aa or something like that

Get help where you can get help right if that’s what you feel like you need anyway back to this I’m going to wrap this up but the facebook meta blueprint and constructing the metaverse

There’s a lot of opportunity there and here’s where it really is you can look at it as anything else that you do if you play video games or you watch movies or you go anywhere

Even to the gym where they have certain environments set up to give you a certain experience and like for example I’m sitting in a yoga room and this room

Besides the air and the fans that are blowing and the reverberation bouncing off the walls it’s completely quiet and isolated from the rest of the gym

And there’s a reason for that because yoga tends to need a little bit more quiet for meditation and so in this room it sets up a certain environment for you and atmosphere

Which is the same thing when you go to a movie theater or when you play a video game and you sit in one of those cool chairs with headphones on you have big screens

It’s setting up a new environment this is very similar and analogous to what is coming with the metaverse as a matter of fact people have already been what am I saying

Contributing to the metaverse for years without knowing it I have been doing it and I haven’t even been knowing it necessarily some of the things I have known has been going on because it’s all interconnected in the so called internet of things

And what I mean by that is I create binaural beats one of the more popular organizations that creates binaural beats is called the monroe institute founded by robert monroe

Who they use his technology called hemisync which is short for hemispheric synchronization I took that name and found a different way to use it in different languages and said the exact same thing

I’m not being original here but my brand I do it just for branding is called demi phase or demi cerebral neural phasing but here’s what I mean by how those things are part of creating the metaverse

They’re creating augmented reality experiences if you know anything or don’t know anything about hemisync or binaural beats and things like that I’m going to tell you again

If you know it if you don’t here it is the augmented reality comes to you when you listen to the binaural beats there’s a frequency let’s say 100 in your left ear and a frequency of 104 in your right ear

And when I say frequency I’m talking about hertz or cycles per second in this case 100 cycles per second in the left ear and 104 cycles per second in the right ear

And what your brain does is hallucinate the difference which is the four cycles per second which happens to be in the range of your delta or deep sleep brainwave cycle

So what happens is it entrains and causes your brain to do something called frequency following to scale down most of its brainwave frequencies down to the delta range

Now it doesn’t mean that all of them are going to be there because your brain wave is usually predominantly when you’re awake hopefully in the beta brainwave cycle

But that’s just predominantly there are other brainwave cycles going on with the hemisphere technology and my own brand called demi phase and other binaural beefs that you can find thousands of them

Tens of thousands of them on youtube mine don’t even scratch the surface on that because I’m a newbie and I don’t know how those people what the heck they’re doing to pay for their marketing

I think I’m going to start doing some of that but that’s an augmented reality anytime you can go into a state of meditation or any time you are doing something like listening to meditations or chanting

Even if you drink coffee you take a lot of sugar you smoke marijuana you do anything like that even exercising at the gym it augments your reality

Hey vlad good to see you it augments your reality and so this is what’s happening in the metaverse except they’re going to be creating complete environments for you to first of all

I’ve already joined meta workspace where they’re creating workspace environments so I’ve used this example just recently before because this is what it reminds me of

But it’s like going into a sims game or any type of place where you can go in and check out an environment vlad what’s going on what’s going on I’m talking about the metaverse and I’m talking about stuff that’s happening with what I’m doing to get different awareness about certain things out

I’m helping some people and also attempting to make sure I keep all of my own online properties stable and sustainable as long as they can be but what are you going to do when the internet is gone

As flip knots says in one of their new eps and I think that one of the things that we should do when the internet is gone is prepare for it beforehand

Like people gathering together on social podcasting sites such as this callin and I’m going to explore a little bit more about wisdom I’m still using spreaker

Which is not like this this is actually pretty awesome the utility and ease of use but to gather to help people find each other online and to start little splinter groups and little factions where we’re practicing things like

For example healthy living and self defense skills that will be very useful and if the internet does go away what are some ways that the internet can go away

Raise your hand yes the sun can crop up a solar flare and wipe out with an electromagnetic pulse or emp most of the electricity on the earth now it’s not going to be as catastrophic as a lot of people say it is

But it can be especially if we’re dealing with more heat and things that overload circuits and actually physically burn them out besides wiping out different types of storage systems and stuff like that

But that’s just one way a lot of people talk about who knows if they’re just trying to when I say the experts and the media channels are trying to scare us

However again anybody has ever seen the movie avengers the first avengers movies raise your hand yes and the scene I’m talking about here is in the beginning when the actress

Her name is kobe smalders I forget what her agent name is she was like the right hand gal of nick fury he tells her gather all of the hydratech or whatever it is

And she says is that really a priority at this point and he says until such time as the world ends we’re going to continue as if it intends to spin on

And when you look at certain things you realize that there are experts and people who have access to equipment and measurement devices and things like that who are much more intelligent or at least have access to things

That gives them an edge up power up so to speak just like any virtual world or video game you got to have power ups and get that energy they have access to stuff that gives them more insight to what’s actually going on

And that just happens when you have certain amounts of resources or you know people it’s called nepotism it’s been in play in my own life a lot of the jobs and money and things I’ve had have happened simply because people like me or there were introductions to people through someone who was liked

But this is all about the access and we as a people need to use the access that we have to gather as communities on and offline but really to build up skills and abilities that are going to be very useful offline

And I tell you people may not want to listen to this because it’s difficult but physical fitness martial arts self defense learning about nutrition

Learning about crazy survivalist things like not to eat red berries for the most part and eat only darker blue ones and things like that because they tend not to be poisonous

And certain things like that again I’m not a prepper and if the sun cropped up the solar flare right now and knocked out stuff I’d be one of the first to die

Because I might be muscular and strong and know how to do some martial arts but I will die I drink some water and die because I haven’t yet learned or bought any types of gear that can filter out water

If it’s toxic or poisoned or anything like that so I can handle weapons and do stuff like that but that’s not the thing there’s lots of fighters there’s lots of soldiers out there

We need more people who can garden and plant seeds and things like that or just have the knowledge of something simple like how to sew with how to sew you can patch up wounds

You can stitch people up you know a little basic first aid like cpr these things go a long way and then just also people who aren’t physically adept at things

We also have all kinds of skills like the ability to be able to teach people meditation and how to be calm this is important because I just know for a fact

And a lot of people who listen do know this as well that just being mentally psychologically prepared for things helps you to get through them than if you hadn’t rehearsed and prepared and learned different types of techniques of how to go through things

It’s the difference between someone who panics during a natural disaster or a terrorist attack for example and the person who’s calm it doesn’t really necessarily ensure everyone’s survival

But it definitely gives you an edge on things that are happening it has with me when things have gone down that seem to be terrible I’ve been in floods and had to deal with certain things

Accidents and all kinds of stuff and simply the fact of having training and the wherewithal to be able to keep myself calm has definitely helped out in all of the situations that I’ve been in

But again the construction of the metaverse is something that’s already been being done anytime I’ve talked a lot about lucid dreaming and different hallucination scapes and things that you can experience when you use binaural beats and isoconic tones

Hemisync my demipase and all kinds of meditation there are hallucinogenic drugs and of course we already currently have virtual reality in augmented reality and all types of different combinations of those things that are being rolled out right now as it is

And yes there’s a whole bunch of people who are very rightfully concerned about privacy issues and what the metaverse is sucking people into however the more that you learn about it and the more that you learn how to have your own influence on it

I think we can get a little bit more out of these type of technologies one of the things I mentioned on the wisdom app earlier was that you could really and yes

I said this you can actually go into the metaverse and rescue people remember the matrix I’m talking about exactly that formula from the first movie

You go into the metaverse because you know people are going to be plugged the fuck in right they’ll be so plugged in enjoying this shit because listen

If any of you have ever been a lucid dreamer you will know how crazy the things are that you can do in that and the metaverse is nowhere near that just yet

But you’re going to have haptic suits and haptic feedback suits and all kinds of stuff you can plug into your ears and put on your eyes and all over your skin and it is going to become ready player one for real

But the thing is you’ve got to understand that you are going to be going in there and really rescuing people look at the fact that for example I noticed something

I don’t know if you guys know this derek and vlad but here’s something I didn’t know when I have a podcast when I make one of these social podcasts here on callin

And if I put you a link into a blog and I share that on facebook and a bunch of people listen to it and I say to those people which I’ve done and I’ve asked I’ve done research

If you could call it that did you listen yes what did you like most so I asked detailed questions without giving anything away to see if people really have and they have

And what I’ve noticed is that if it’s not one of you guys in callin itself listening to it it does nothing for the numbers so I could have tens of thousands of people

Which I’m pretty sure that’s not but just saying listening to the podcast from a link that I put into a blog and if they’re not logged in to callin what it seems like so far is that those plays don’t get counted

Now I’m not sure about that and I could be completely wrong and I’m also distracted by the fact that there’s a reflection on the floor that looks like a hebrew character

And I’m going to try to take a picture of that so I can be sure of that so again my main point is the fact that we’re going to bring people together offline

That’s what this is all about I’m going to take this picture really quickly oh man did I mess it up oh there it goes it looks like an s kind of too

All right took the picture sorry for being so destructive guy but that’s how I am a mistake let me deal with it so bringing people together offline is the thing that we really should be using all of these things for

I gave another example earlier about how outside the gym here at one point fitness there was a company called em sculpt it’s electromagnetic sculpting

Yes there’s all kinds of cool technologies coming out there where they basically use a superpowered form of electroconvulsive not sorry it’s not ect

What am I talking about I wrote an article about that I should know better not electroconvulsive therapy that’s a barbaric practice they still use in psychiatry

Believe it or not and also not too long ago they were doing prefrontal lobotomies of things that are basically like little ice ticks so enough of that gruesomeness

So the thing is about getting people to meet offline by entering into these metaverse different zones and pulling people out just like in the matrix again

Just like here on callin people can come together and they can listen they can talk they can call in they can be guests they can be moderators and all that stuff

You’re not really experiencing much anything different right now than you would be in the meta verse a lot of people get it twisted about what it is you’re actually just listening to and seeing things happening with a few other things to augment your reality

Which is you’ll have different sensors you could have special shoes and gloves or even a whole suit that you put on and maybe you’re sitting in a chair or standing in something that makes it feel like you have to turn left or turn right

Or you’re falling over and losing your balance mind you you think that’s not something that can happen especially if you’re not sitting in a chair or a special suit on that makes you feel like you’re tilting left to right like they do in those 4d movies

Right however in 2004 I did some really basic research on electromagnetic technologies and one of them was from a company called nippon telephone and technologies from japan

And they have a device that basically manipulates the electromagnetic stimulation on the 8th cranial nerve pair or the vestibular cochlear nerve which is involved in our hearing and our balance

Our equilibrium I don’t believe that I remember that but I actually do that’s funny you can go look at the podcast or the blog that I wrote that on

It’s on hypno athletics.com I think I’ll put a link to it here if anybody’s interested I’ll put that there but it can actually because of what it does

It messes with your equilibrium it can make you think that you’re tilted towards your left and so you compensate by pushing towards your right and so that’s how it steers you with electromagnetic pulses

There’s so many other things like the corn octopus that was created by david coron and what’s his name michael persinger at the lorenzian university where they recorded electromagnetic signals from nature

From when there were things called earthquake lights and ball lightning and things like that that when the frequencies passed through people’s bodies and affected their vestibular copy of nerve

Or also known as the 8th cranial nerve pair involved in hearing and equilibrium they would have hallucinations but especially have experiences of what they called hyperreligiosity

Which people saw angels demons god and all saviors and all kinds of stuff like that and so they replayed those frequencies back through this corn helmet welcome to the room branding

They played these frequencies back through the helmets and people would have similar hyperreligious experiences through this technology so here I am telling you

I’m laying you out for you that there already are technologies that are augmenting your reality to a great degree an enormous degree and so I just gave you two right there

Right one that I’m using which and I create dozens of binaural beats under the brand name demi phase or demise variety neural phasing and there’s hemisync and there’s all kinds of binaural beats

Like I said you can find tens of thousands of them on youtube alone and then you have things like the chris octopus or the god helmet as it’s also known as it was created by david korin

I think his name is david koren spelled koren and they call it the coron octopus because I believe it has eight connectors that come out of the helmet and attach the various parts of your head around the 8th cranial nerve pair

And so these are just simple things that have been developing look if I published that blog on that research back in 2004 it is not 2022 it’s 18 years ago

Are we going to guess and think that that technology and various kinds and combinations has not been if not perfected very close to it you’ve probably already heard that there are devices that beam sound directly into your auditory nerves

So the same 8th cranial nerve pair that I’m talking about see there’s been research done on it so much that now they’re able to make voices in your head in certain technology

They’ve tested it out in some place I can’t remember where I saw the video but it’s things that you’re testing out and it actually makes sense the 8th cranial nerve pair is one of the most easily manipulable sensory input channels on the human body that envision

I mean all of them really are if you think about it but let’s just talk about the one that I’m most familiar with because I’m a musician and a composer and I also create all different types of digital audio hallucination and digital audio interface technologies and use other technologies to hack into them and create them myself

The plainest way to talk about this is that sound waves are acoustic pressure waves they’re very physical when sound hits your ear one of the first things it does is it passes through all these different hairs in your ear and they wave back and forth to the same frequency as the sound that’s coming in

And then it passes to the tympanic membrane which has all kinds of other mechanisms that have names of like hammers and anvils and things like that right

And there’s three of them also three different chambers that are placed at 90 degree angles to each other giving you the effective three dimensional space using fluid in your ear

So all of these things are affected so it’s one of the most easily accessible and also easily manipulable channels of perception that we have as our hearing and our equilibrium

And you can make people so the thing is with sound you can make 3d soundscapes like we already know about you can hear things panned from left to right

And that’s one of the things that are using the technology of creating binaural beats but imagine you have something that feels like it’s inside or sounds like it’s in the right side of your ear

And then you also have your 8th cranial nerve here the fluid your equilibrium manipulated to feel like you’re turning towards the right or some combination of that

That combines three dimensional soundscapes with just simply the manipulation of your equilibrium and making you feel like you have to bend over or lean back

Or to the right or to the left or some combination or moving circles so just based on that alone experiences can be created now imagine adding to that other thing

Physical things like not only subtle manipulation of your equilibrium but then being sat in a chair or a device or recliner that also moves slightly with it to give that little bit of augmentation

That’s calibrated to get the right feel of the physical internal fluid changing around as well as the device that you’re sitting in and then you have other things

Right like you have wind that can blow and you can change the temperature of the air that’s blowing in different fans and you can also waft different scents

I remember a long time ago when I first started experiencing these different 4d things it was years ago like in 1998 at amc theaters and I used to work there and they had this thing called funscape at another place that I worked in

So they had these type of technologies and they were playing around with putting subtle sense into the air into the environment as well as changing the temperature

And sometimes they squirted water on you which I thought was disgusting like you would splash through something and you had water I don’t know where that water was

What the heck is that water right so again I’m giving you really simple ones that are a combination of media that you’re consuming with other things that they’re doing on the outside

It’s pretty incredible and yes it can be scary and intimidating and it concerns me a few things that are going on but when you take the simple idea all right

And this is going to be one of the last things that I say welcome to the room jenny and it’s that you can really there are a lot of examples that come from science fiction that you can really apply to things in real life

Maybe not the exact things yourself I mean I’m not telling you that you’re going to go into some lucid dream world and you’re going to be free enslaved

And rescuing people out of there like that unless there’s something I don’t know about where we really are connected to some fucking batteries somewhere

But you can pull people out of the metaverse and rescue people who are in there here’s a more specific example of what I mean there will be people in the metabolic who are going in there and they’re consuming and they’re buying all kinds of stuff and doing all kinds of things inside there that are just wasting their time

Wasting their money and leading them astray if there’s for the religious of you or the spiritual of you you can see it as a battle between good and evil

And I’m not saying that you’re a hero or that I am or that we’re good or that we’re evil or anything it’s just that you have an agenda and you have things that you can do to interface with people in there

One of the first things that you can do is having a very mainstream friendly presence and appearance I actually did that completely by accident because I’m a singer of a death metal band

I’m into dark and morbid and really hardcore things that have to do with like silver and spikes and metal and stuff like that not sm by the way just I was in the dark

Heavy metal black metal type of scene and that type of thing which did cross over with those kind of people sometimes but just that kind of thing and the action genre and martial arts and just getting into really gritty stuff

And so completely by accident just because I’ve had this website online called exercisingyourmind.com it’s become an authority website because everything that someone searches for that website says it has is there

And that’s never been connected to anything spammy or porn or any screwed up stuff like that so google naturally registers it as a safe website to go to

And so since it’s been online for 16 years authors have been coming and saying hey can we please let a free article for your site I know that their agenda is using my site to give them authority backlinks into the other businesses that they are marketing for because they want to get awareness for certain things

And my website does that because it helps to cache things really high up on a list and there’s all kinds of other effects that I noticed happening because I have at least three or four of my websites have been online for 15 and 16 years

Some of them ten some of them more recently but that has to do with authority backlinks but what does that have to do again with getting on to the metaverse yourself

Again my whole big thing is healthy living and self defense and I also have a lot of references from movies and if you guys have seen them you know what I’m talking about

The next one I’m going to talk about here is the movie inception and inception takes place in another virtual reality type of existence where it’s shared dreaming

So the interesting thing that people should take away from this is that lucid dreaming metaverse technologies augmented reality meditation hallucinations by drugs and other ways are pretty much almost exactly the same thing

It’s a new skill that you have to learn and if you can learn different types of meditation where you can bring yourself into different worlds so to speak

By hallucination imagination or having very vivid experiences then you are preparing yourself for what’s the kind of things that are going on into the metaverse

But again you should not let that discourage you from looking at what it is because it’s really something very simple again let’s look at this analogy as imagine okay

Let’s just look at this I don’t know why this idea came to my mind but it just popped in my head so imagine you are in some kind of weird dystopian future and there are these movie theaters where people are going to watch like nazi propaganda and it’s free to go in and people can go in there and watch whatever they want

But you go into this movie theater that your friend is having this full on experience of all this propaganda and you go and you talk to me and say hey

Come on let’s go watch something else let’s go into another room or come over to my house because you can have meta houses you have meta properties

Meta theaters all kinds of stuff like that in the metaverse that you can construct just like in the sims game or minecraft and you can occupy them and you can dwell on them and you can do business out of them and you can live in them

Just like I said ready player one or any other games that are like that the difference is that you have control over it you do not have to be swayed by everything that’s in there

It’s going to be fair game inside there really it’s going to be fair game if a certain idea or thought stream takes over in the metaverse it’s because people did not democratize it just in the same way that we often complain about people not voting and things like that and then people say

Oh man all this evil thing got in here and whatnot right now and of course that’s not always the case there’s manipulation of voting polls and all kinds of stuff that we can talk about and a lot of you guys know a lot more about than me

I know about the mind a little bit and the subconscious mind and how it can be manipulated and things like that and all I’m doing is just saying look

I started this thing called the advice ventures of helping people and it’s really just fun it actually is fun it’s also very frustrating and very difficult and emotionally draining

And just the things that I go through on a daily basis are pretty incredible my headphones yes it’s not easy but it is an adventure and I don’t know

I personally tend to want to have adventures in my life and not live a boring life and also add as much action to my speech as I do I speak a lot I speak sometimes very quickly

Just as I am now when I get excited or impassioned about something but it’s because I’m also very much full of shit no action I’m full of an active life

I have an active life I’m in the gym right now I taught a class this morning I’m going to be teaching some on monday tuesday and thursday our personal training sessions

I ride my bike everywhere I go I’m always studying and reading how do I find time to do it I’ve very seldom in my life I’ve only once or twice had full time jobs

I don’t have children so it’s easier for me to operate like that I did want to have children but unfortunately my wife was killed when she was going to come back to china

Where we were living she was killed in new york on october 4 2019 and so you know how they say god laughs while you make plans so god I don’t like your sense of humor

And fuck you I also still maintain a high level of physical and personal freedom I don’t have a lot of people to take care of right now I do have a mission

A family member of mine who is taking care of my mom I was out of the country for four and a half years technically almost six years five and a half years

Because I did come back for a year but I was traveling all over the united states when I was doing that and he was taking care of my mom who was in a wheelchair and whatnot

And just abandoned her to a convalescent home in which I’m not sure how long she has to be there while they help teach her how to walk again but this is one of the things that I have to deal with in my life

And I’m just going to do it because what else you’re supposed to do I love my mom I’m sure most people unless they’ve had really crazy parents love their mom and dad or whoever it is that raised them

And so that’s one of my missions one of my adventures of helping people that I have to get into but no matter what see she’s far away kind of right now

If I were to drive it’s 14 hours I’m in virginia beach she’s in south florida I currently don’t have a car I’ve only been back in the united states for almost a year

It was september 4 of this year will be one year so I’m coming up on that pretty soon here and a lot of things have happened one of the fortunate things that have happened is I was able to get a job right away at the front desk of this gym that I’m in right now because my personal training certifications had long expired

And the plan that floor and I had was that we were going to pay for the courses and finish them when we were in china and then both come back and be fitness trainers together here

But all that crashed down and I went to a dark deep crummy place for a while but got myself back into the gym started working out again got back to the us

And I’m building it up all over again got this job very shortly after that started working security and also got a security contract there’s chris I knew you were here

Buddy I saw you callin but this is what I was doing I’m glad you found me let me invite you up into the room here and so lots of things have happened

Including the security job right when I got the contract the place blew up the kitchen I mean they blew the fucking kitchen up how does that happen

Right so blew the kitchen up and actually chris me that night it was bro so chris was there that night when we were working in the kitchen caught on fire

Remember that yeah man and it was kind of odd because as the dj announced it he instead of keeping the door open for people to rush out he kept the door open for him to get his equipment out

And that just made me confused but it wasn’t too much of a panic so I didn’t kick into combat mode and go all like running in there and people were calm

It was like cool I don’t need to take control of the situation so it was the calmest fire I’ve ever been a part of that’s awesome you know derek was in the room just now and he just left when you came in

So goodbye derek and goodbye vlad I don’t know if you had some beef with them but the ladies are still here thank you for sticking around brandy and jenny

I have beef with nobody I’m just the same organic decaying matter as everybody else I am not no it’s funny now I’m just saying that just because you guys got into a little bit of a ribbing and one of the last times you were on when I was out there

So it’s all good but yeah man so I appreciate you jumping in again social proof formula but yeah we have a lot of really cool things going on I’m going to pop off here a second

By the way chris are you coming out here just a heads up I want to know what I’m going to do over here I am I went and met with frank at the vsw and talked to him and he got some things taken care of with the whole honored guard

Color guard thing I got some gas and about to eat some food real quick and then I was going to head out to you until whenever all right well I have a curfew of around 838 45 unless I’m going to your place

So let me know that’s fine I got a full tank of gas now and some money in the bank yeah chris has been him and I have been dealing with some stuff like he’s got the veterans club racing association

His initiative and he’s dealing with stuff he’s trying to get together and with my unique equilibrium and my world reading club and we’re doing all this on a shoestring

I’ve been paying out of pocket for my websites for 16 years I realized isn’t that the definition of a nonprofit like I’ve been paying for my website to be online just to give people information

It’s so crazy things are so crazy that with the position that I’m in due to I went to a business that said they were pro veteran tried to get a job with this business and consulted for him

Already spent some of my own personal money that I don’t have because I am a disabled combat vet on a budgeted income and haem has been helping me out

He’s not in the best situation he’s been helping me and I went to the veterans of four awards and some other people to get some help and they weren’t very receptive at first

And that makes me kind of my heart hurt because I am a veteran of foreign wars but things worked out and god is good and hakim really has just been an amazing human being in general towards me since I’ve met him

Let alone putting himself in possibly a worse situation by helping me he did that with no thought but then I go to the people who are supposed to be there for people like me in my community

And I wasn’t able to get much help so there’s just a testament to that yeah thanks man I appreciate you too and it hasn’t been easy and chris and I have bumped heads and some things like that too

But I’ve realized that I’ve had to just say you know what we have a mission here and if I just remain patient and remain and understand the things that he’s doing with himself and the passion that he has

It has actually improved my life it’s helped me to become better because I’ve done things in a short period of time that I would have never maybe never have done before

I mean look when flora was around she pushed me to do a lot of things and because as a real queen should yeah you’re right and because that’s changed

I went in a dark place for a long time and it was so hard but you find inspiration everywhere and people say things like you’ve got to move on and I know it’s just semantics

But I say that we just have to move forward with things like that and jenny I’m going to take you here right in a second but you never move on you just kind of move forward

There’s a line from a movie with the rock and I don’t remember what the movie was but he said to his daughter in the movie he says there’s a lot of things that happen in life that you don’t want

But you have to deal with them and move on hey jenny welcome to communications with two ks thanks it’s nice to talk to you guys I’m really resonating with this message

I’ve experienced a lot of loss myself and my therapy of choice has been music I know how challenging it can be to move forward with your life when you just feel stuck or you’re so overwhelmed with the symptoms of mourning that you can’t hardly breathe

And so the music has helped me pull out of so many dark places that I just think it’s a better tool than drugs or any sort of antidepressant or anything I’ve tried

Music has just helped so much jenny I couldn’t agree with you more about that and that’s what also pushed me to continue to create binaural beats based on the hemisync technology and my own brand

I call demi cerebral neurophasing or demi phase have you ever heard of hemisink or binaural beach jenny no do you call that death metal I noticed in your bio

No that’s a completely different thing that sounds like monster monster not my world no but the other sounds that I make are binaural beats osaka

I was just going to say yeah I can agree with that I love all sorts of music it is the ultimate healing tool for me as well when I battled with my alcoholism

When I’ve been battling with my pts from afghanistan music has been the only true thing that brings me any kind of freedom I may be having the worst time or maybe it’s a hard workout or whatever it is to help me get through what I’m going through

But the music is like the real catalyst yes and I’ve had opportunities show up in my life to sing the master works messiah bronze requiem mozart’s

Requiem for aquam I live in colorado and there’s just been all these opportunities to sing with really good groups and great orchestras I’m a choral singer and doing those masterworks that are all about jesus

Chris and his atonement and it’s just huge to have that as a resource oh boy agreed go ahead oh hakeem no definitely agreed are you in manateu springs by any chance there in colorado

No I’m in boulder another very great city okay I was stationed out there with the army that’s why I asked but I’m really interested to hear more about these masterworks

I myself am I’m a christian and I would say I’m more of an open minded christian I think compared to like these days a lot of people have kind of gone back to fundamentalism and lost sight of what the church and the scripture really means

But without getting into it it’s great to hear somebody engaging in things that you’re engaging in still and it gives me hope to hear a woman engaging in activities that are talented

Talent based skill based a lot of young women I’m only 32 in our age group and in our area don’t take the time to learn skills and talents and things outside of

I guess just mothering or whatever it may be and that’s just fantastic to hear well thanks I’m 54 so I’m a generation older than you but when you look at the history of music

It was pretty quiet until that 17th century and then there was this dumping of it definitely was tied to the romantic era the enlightenment but here’s all the music

Africa yeah absolutely the africans have their sounds and they are very healing is that what you’re referring to earlier no I was just talking about that because you said all of a sudden

Music was really quiet and then all of a sudden it came out with the renaissance and a romance period but I was just clipping a little bit that maybe at that time in europe

But it was going on way before in africa I’m talking about like proliferation of music but I’m not being afro centric or anything like that I was just no

My point is I think heavenly father knew that we were going to go through this really troubled time towards the end of days and he gave us this music at this high frequency

I think to kind of carry the day and I’ve just noticed especially the last two years of cobid that my friends who are really into theater and music

They’re doing okay even with tremendous loss of loved ones like you’ve expressed I came in the loss of your wife so many people have lost somebody and my friends who were doing the music and the musical theater

They’re thriving and I think we’re all kind of holding onto this music as our anchor yes I couldn’t agree more you’re right and it’s one of the reasons why

Again I use sound and it’s one of the most healing things ever to be able to use sound as the healing solve educate me what were you talking about once that I said

What is that no I was just going to say I was like oh I was like chris another jesus freak and I was just kind of joking because let me fully she wasn’t asking about that

She was asking about the binary beats yeah the beats I actually wanted to address that really quickly though about chris and how he seems to be more open minded than a lot of people tend to be fundamentalist is because chris knows how I feel about religion

And I’m not really I mean I carry a bible I read it and different things like that but he heard me and my anger and the things that I was saying about religion and stuff like that

And he’s still like okay whatever bro I still love you and here’s the word of god and he did that and then so did a friend named ryan elliot and then so did another guy who I work with at the gym named chase holt

And so all three of them were hearing me blaspheming and hating god and they said all right we hear you but we still love you and here’s still the word

So there are in my life and what I’ve experienced recently people who are christians and some of them who can be very fundamental but still have open hearts

And so I just wanted to say I appreciate that part well let me say that in mentioning the masterwork the text for the messiah and for these requiems comes straight from the bible

It’s isaiah and there’s one thing to read the word but to sing it it just takes it to that next level so teach me about the beats because I didn’t know what you’re talking about

All right so I can agree with you again on the singing because I sang in the honor choir I was at northeast high school and I sang at the university miami on a choir

And we sang a lot of gospel and it was really powerful when I was a youth group and I’ve been in courses so I definitely know that and about music in general

Now the binaural beats simply how it works is jenny you’ve heard of the fact that your brain gives off different frequencies absolutely okay so we have beta when you’re wide awake

Alpha when you’re meditating or under hypnosis or daydreaming theta which is the rem sleep and the light dream stage and delta which is deep sleep we also have gamma

Which is in the flow state of optimum performance thinking the binaural beats how they work is you will hear a frequency or a musical note in one ear

Let’s say have you heard of the for example solphagio tones of course okay so you take one of these tones let’s just say you want to train the brain to get down to a certain frequency

But you also want to use one of these sulfagio tones because they supposedly have healing properties let’s use one of the most popular ones which is 528

Wait just a minute just a minute I got to tell you something yeah dr. leonard horowitz have you heard his name yes long time ago I got involved with dr. lynn horowitz and a lot of other people of his ilk

Like dr. joseph mccolla the health ranger mike adams charlie brown doctor len wrote the book of 528 frequency yeah I’ve never read it though I have been good friends with him since he wrote that book and I had him on my radio show to talk about 528 hertz frequency

You are speaking my language well that’s it in a nutshell that’s called an isochronic tone which you can just say is a musical note and so any isochronic tones

If you ever hear that term isochronic tones it simply means a musical note that’s supposedly has some type of healing or other property to it and of course 528 is one of those which is a very magical frequency because it has the special position in nature of not only having a 528 cycles per second to make the sound frequency of 528

But that exact same frequency is the exact same color frequency at photons vibrating at 528 cycles per second which equals the exact green color of chlorophyll

So it has a direct connection in nature I’m sure that jenny you’ve learned that from dr. len horowitz right I did and so now what if for example if I were to take that 528

Play it in my left ear and then I were to play 528.528 in my other ear my right ear there would be a difference of 00:58 frequency which you would hear a hallucination

It’s not actually an audible it’s not physically auditory you would hear a wavering back and forth which is your brain hallucinating and cycling down to the difference between the two frequencies between 528 and 528.58

You could easily go to 529 or 520 and have your brain train to one cycle per second or two or all the way up to as high as you can imagine doing and you can place these sounds through the left and the right in front of you and all over to give three dimensional soundscapes

And by doing that you train the brain to cycle down to a certain cycles per second rather than the ones that are normally dominant so it’s a way of getting them down to a certain frequency

And through that you can help your body to get the benefits of deep sleep if you’re not getting enough deep sleep the benefits of rem sleep like in dreams

The benefit of meditation and hypnosis and relaxation and the alpha and you can also stimulate gamma if you want to get into that flow state so that’s how the different isochronic tones or different notes can be used next to each other in the left and the right ear to create an auditory hallucination of frequencies that your brain wouldn’t normally hear

They work best at frequencies below 20 cycles per second because your brain can’t physically hear those anything above that your brain can technically hear

And so you could make isochronic tones in each ear that are vibrating at a certain frequency to get the same frequency following effect that happens so jenny

Did that make sense to you what I said can you get that I see that you put lens book here yeah blobmammagazinearchive wordpress.com is that your show there

Yeah I started the magazine and then I edited it for a couple of years but as you were saying before how you were funding your own website it only goes for so long on wordpress before you like I really need to make some money so I moved all my stuff over to substation so I could try and make some money

I love that you’re talking about 528 because I felt so passionate about it since I learned about it and one of the things I did is I took recordings of two masterworks from directlyum and alleluia from john rudders gloria

And I put them in 528 frequency len started a website where you can transpose any album into 528 hertz and so I transpose both of those works and then I listen to them all the time

And like I said they’ve been my personal medicine as I’ve experienced just a world of loss and so it’s just tremendous to hear you teaching me back something I already know

But to be reminded of it and have that solidified thank you it’s so powerful well thank you you’re welcome and I appreciate you sharing and sharing with me

And also I want to say something you said you went over to substack and you attempt to monetize what you’re doing I have a way that is pretty much guaranteed to work to help you and anybody else who decides to take this message to actually earn more money

And it’s free to do well unless you consider spending time to be one of your expenses and it’s something that I developed called a social proof formula

And I’ve been developing it for years and I’m just going to keep telling people about it until they use it and it’s simply this your own site or is it

What is it no it’s a process it’s a thing that you do and I’ll tell you right now exactly what it is a couple of years ago back in 2013 or so and it’s one of two

Actually three I made a mistake when I said earlier it was only two the other one was called it was a wine company and it was a network marketing company

And I do not promote network marketing companies and yes they are pyramid skinny a lot of people and some people like them and some of them work and amway is one of them that’s been around for a while

But that’s not what I’m doing I want to tell you something that actually worked and social proof formula and as simple as this within the first two weeks that I got started with empower network

I was able to recruit a solid team of five people simply through going to their social media and their websites and making thoughtful real actual comments on what the work that they were doing

Because I read through or listened or watched their video or whatever and what that would lead to is them coming back and making comments or thinking and things like that

And what would happen is that people would see that hey there are people listening or people coming around and paying attention to this stuff maybe I should look at it too

And because other people are doing it was social proof that this is something important that I should be looking at sort of the whole herd mentality but the way that it works practically between people is

For example what I had them doing was a very specific thing what were you going to say jenny it’s just following you on callin yeah okay cool and so the very specific thing that we are going to do is this is I will

For example go to say you’re calling or your facebook or anything else that you share your interviews like you just shared the message all of my leonard interviews

Right and I would go there and I would listen and I’d say wow this is really amazing stuff you know what I’m going to do I’m going to talk about this and I’m going to put this on my podcast or share it on my facebook

And then you might see that and say oh wow that’s cool I like it thanks for sharing hakim and then on and on people will see that and then they join and assert the development

And eventually when you learn how to steer people towards the things that you’ve monetized in a way where you’re writing ad copy or just setting up a funnel system that directs them towards that

Which is a lot simpler than I’m making it but it’s also complicated at the same time and it’s simple in the fact that it’s just something you have to spend time doing

It’s complicated because you have to do a little bit of research which a lot of people don’t either have the time or understand how to do but you don’t have to understand if you just are consistent with finding people

It doesn’t have to be me it doesn’t have to be brandy it doesn’t have to be anybody else that you know or that even asks you or whatever it’s something that you’re interested in

You start going and you start interacting with those people on a regular basis whether they come and they interact with you or not it’s social proof it shows that you know what you’re talking about

That you’re either an expert or something like that and you’re constantly showing up to put in your two cent however it does work better when a team of people does it

Like for example earlier I posted on another podcast that I was doing with the same name on this new to me app called wisdom and I posted it on facebook

And chris saw it he tried to call me but I was on the podcast so he jumped on and created an account and then jumped in on the call then and I was just talking about him when he did it

And it was another social proof formula and then I had two more people from that app who followed me on instagram and facebook and sent me messages and whatnot

And even another example that happened recently and was this woman named katya davidova who wrote a book called joy in plain site and published it a couple of months ago

I got a copy and then I saw on linkedin that one of my clients one of my fitness clients had liked a post that she did about her book being on the shelves physically in a barnes and noble in the grove in los angeles

California I said california ha ha california that I’ve been to several times like so much times floor and I used to go there and sit for hours the place has three stories

We used to buy so many books and drink a lot of coffee there and so I made a comment about it and I posted it on my linkedin page like hey check this out

This is a great book blah blah forgot what I said exactly but then she came the author katya davidov and said oh my gosh thank you so much this is amazing

Thanks for sharing blah blah blah and then I had just been launching something called world reading club and I decided because world reading club is about the joy of learning through the love of reading

I thought hey since it’s all about joy her book is called joy in plain sight and it has been very helpful to me in dealing with grief and just having a good laugh and some inspiration throughout every day

I decided to launch my first world reading club off of that anyway I shared that with her she followed me on instagram and made a comment on it she basically followed the directions on the blog post that I put about world reading club that said how to join the world reading club and how to participate

And so she followed the directions and then I sent her another message and invited her to come to a podcast I didn’t hear from her for two days but while I was talking earlier

At 03:00 nine minutes after three she sent me a message and sent me her schedule and said hey let’s set something up and let’s do it because I’m ready to help promote this

That’s just another example of social proof formula here’s a woman who I’ve never met before but I just read her book who just so happened to see something on linkedin that one of my clients had liked

And I’m not sure if my client is working with her because my client is also in marketing and maybe that might be one and they’re both in virginia beach or at least catchy used to live the author of the book used to live in virginia beach and graduated from a university here

But just because of that and doing things and just for free just being passionate about her book now I’m involved in helping to promote her book and it also has gained a lot of attention towards what I’m doing

Some of the things and I’m sure that you know about stuff like that too jenny but it’s just being consistent and I’ve only had the space to do it now

Yeah it’s honestly why I clicked into your show I’m starting a show on callin on september 1 and I thought I’d spend a few weeks just getting to know some of the other hosts

So a couple of times a day I’ll just come in see who’s talking click in listen to what they’re saying see if we can build a bridge find common ground

I don’t really care what people’s politics or views are on anything I just love people and I love to talk and the fact that you are teaching me about 528

I’m going to tell len he’ll get out of that awesome I’ve been a fan of len horowitz for a long time I’ve never met him I don’t think I’ve ever had any contact with him

I do know that I’ve posted probably a bunch of stuff from his on one of my websites exercisingyourmind.com back in the day because when I was following him

That’s all I used to do is I used to go around on the internet and I would find different things that I wanted to pass on and study I was basically creating my own university online

And I believe it’s either that or on my hip athletics university site that I published a bunch of stuff from him but yeah he was thrilled to find out there’s a group of people on discord reading 528 together and discussing it

He just was tickled pink and so whenever he finds out that there’s young people especially in the music industry who have embraced 528 and tuned their instruments to it and are creating music in it

He just gets so excited so I will tell him he will love that it’s a very exciting thing all right jenny chris I saw you were callin in a couple of times

I had to pull you back up to a moderator again what’s going on buddy yeah I accidentally backed out and I wanted to mention on the world reading club that our goal for the next twelve months is to hit 500,000 books in our library

So we’re hoping to have 500,000 books available and hopefully uploaded if we’re allowed to by the publisher because I know there are stipulations with certain things there

But at least to be able to have people borrow the books keep the books just giving out free literature from all sorts of different things have you ever walked into a barns and noble and gone into the clearance section or the buy five for 20 clearance section and all these great coffee table books and photo books

And the other day I went in there it was like the new york times something or another or one of those large posts for news outlets and it was all like funny comic strips from the 1920s forward and it was like three gigantic volumes with hundreds of pages per book

Stuff like that just getting it from barnes and nobles and from other book sellers and being able to spread the knowledge send books to afghanistan send books to nepal and all these other places

And including in our own country that’s the most important thing right to promote literacy but that’s our goal so I just wanted to put that out there in the universe

Yeah man and that’s amazing like chris one night oh chris I wanted to ask you about I’m not trying to put him on blast but our buddy who’s supposed to register his llc

Do you know any news on that did he do it I’m not going to call him out by name but did he do that he went up to tennessee to put on that event he’s going to be back in a few days

And I said that’s cool man just make sure that you get what he was talking about as receipts and I don’t mean money receipts as I’m like taking pictures and making sure you’re promoting yourself and not shoot yourself in the foot

It seems well he said he should be back in a few days he seems on board and he said that his father and his mother gave him a very positive feedback when he shared with them not only what he was doing with his llc

Doing the event thing but also the non for profit work that we’re doing and how he is going to be a really big key part of that yeah welcome to the room

Pax once again I am here pax pedro I’m here longer than I thought I would be but I love it see this is a great thing about callin and other applications like this is that I come in here because I’m one of those guys

Like I don’t know if you guys heard of oh my gosh his name is slipping my mind right now the comedian with red hair oh my gosh I can’t believe bill burr

Carrot tom oh carrot bill burr bill burr dude he goes on chris show his monday morning podcast and all that he’s just saying I’m just talking to the universe

And that’s always what I’ve done because that’s how podcasting really started and it was a lot more difficult in the early days of podcasting actually

I shouldn’t even say that because I started being a guest on podcast back in 2007 the first show I was on was called karma cafe hosted by shandy davy

And I would speak for like 3 hours well 2 hours I think that was the limit and it was just simply like this it was called blog talk radio and blog talk radio

Interesting enough is now owned by spreaker which is one of the main podcasting software that I use and they also own I heart radio they’ve absorbed both of those

But it was easy like this you just called in on the phone it was pretty fascinating and I really loved it but things like this just what I really like is that I can start one and just talk to myself and just make a recording to create some content to get stuff out there for people and then people just start showing up and I could ignore everybody and just make a private room

But I like the fact that it takes me off of exactly what I was going to speak about and just the community again I’m going to go back to go ahead chris

So you’re right it’s real social podcasting you brought me you were trying to get me the podcast and I’m very particular with the way that I put out information because like you

We like to be informational and educational and not have to focus on us when it came around I was like wow this is social podcasting this is cool this is reminiscent of like I’m only 32

So the stuff I grew up with on pc but now it’s been 20 years and it’s on the phone and the timing is right but I got on and did my first show and it ended up running for 4 hours and 30 or 40 people showed up and it was the very first time I’d ever been on the app

I don’t know the timing is right with this thing so jenny you’re not wrong for trying to plug into this this is going to grow and definitely be an outlet

We’ve already seen and have interacted with some other hosts and speakers that are pretty well in the community are very well educated and have merit to what they’re doing and saying

And I think it’s people like those people who are really going to shine on this platform not just people blasting their opinion so yeah you’re right

It’s like a great time in telecommunications with ball from the radio show to tv to kind of going back to where it’s supposed to be like the radio show of having the interaction where jenny can just call in and talk to us and not like

Oh we got a schedule next thursday at 09:00 p.m. we’re going to have a radio podcast and jenny’s going to be there tune in that can be like the next show

And then it allows you to have so much more organic interaction and networking and look how good and gracious god is like putting people like jenny in our path

She just kind of plugged in and just seeing what’s up and here she is you guys are resonating on talking about these binaural beats and the frequencies and it just allows so much more organic interaction

It’s wonderful yeah it’s one of those things that I’m really thankful for and like

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One of the things that I want to encourage and we’ll get wrapped up and hopefully we’ll meet up chris is one of the main things about this in the metaverse is people

The main idea the main takeaway nothing else is this to use these days types of social podcasting platforms and podcasting in general any type of communication channels

You have to organize events which means getting people together in communities that are doing things that are offline based on things that you can take the metaverse into the real universe

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That is the main goal is to bring the metaverse into the real universe the hip kids call it irl in real life that’s what the hip kids are

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Yes exactly irl so get it from the metaverse irl and that’s people gathering yeah you can put on your metaverse skins and your avatars and all of that stuff that you want to while you’re in the metaverse

But then use that to build up yourself to getting out of the metaverse even if it’s just for short periods of time where people can gather and get together outside of the metaverse because they met together on the metaverse

They can get out of it like I call it you can treat it like an escape room you’re going to go in there and free people from the matrix because people are in there trapped are going to be in their trapped

Just focusing on that it’s going to be like that movie wally where people are going to be so linked into their technology that there’s going to become really unhealthy and big blobs of death

Pedro says education and collaboration that’s right jenny I’m so happy we crossed pathetic jenny I’m so happy we crossed paths too and I’m going to look into the links that you sent me

I really appreciate that so much it’s so great to connect with you guys here on callin and pedro I just followed you on there so you could reciprocate

We’ll keep the community going I have so many channels on here because I’m a scatter brain and I collaborate a lot with people so please keep me posted on when you are doing shows yourself

Jenny I’m always willing to come and listen and show support I will do that even if I can’t do it live I will come later on I will share it I’ll integrate it with stuff that I’m doing when there are overlapping ideas and we can just all move forward

And like the crazy co founder of empower network used to say let’s lock arms and fight the forces of evil so with that chris I hope I’ll see you a little bit later

Jenny thanks for joining pax thanks for coming through

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Chris yes you’ll see me in 10 seconds I’m eating this pizza pizza and I’m getting out of the car I’m really glad that jenny came too because I’ve been away from holland for like two weeks

Just more proof than the social proof formula man yeah you’re not wrong there’s things like that you’ve been teaching me and mentoring me well sir

Thank you

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My man

Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander