Veteran’s Club Racing Association Virginia Beach Initiatives Launching September 2022

(HAK | EYM) Life Saving Hope is being brought to Veterans, and others in need in Virginia Beach, Virginia through Veteran’s Club Racing Association in collaboration with the Adventures of Helping People.

The passion project of Chris Cavallo, the Veteran’s Club Racing Association is deeply rooted in the historical comradery that has been fostered for decades with Veterans gathering to enjoy motorsports.

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The reason I feel Motorsports & Automotive programs are the best outlet to create therapeutic life saving initiatives for the “warfighter” community is that Motorsports has been an outlet for Generations of Warfighters since WW1.” says Mr. Cavallo.

We are already thinking globally, and acting locally. This initiative is driving forward to offer the 1st VCRA Breakfast in the Tidewater Area. In order to do this we will need a venue, healthy breakfast food ingredients, and maybe even a few more volunteers to help Chris and I (Hakeem) to serve and clean-up.

Coordinating these breakfasts to also serve the purpose of fundraising, VCRA strives to build towards hosting Veteran-led car shows locally; then on to racing and related motorsports events at speedways, and other motorsports facilities.

Continuing about why motorsports events for Veterans is important, Chris Cavallo says; “It is already a part of the Military way of life as many Servicemembers and Veterans alike enjoy ‘Car Culture’. We use it as an healthy outlet of R&R and Camaraderie with our fellow servicemembers.”

Chris Cavallo is an insider with clear insight as to how much of a positive impact these initiative will have. In addition to being a racecar driver who greatly enjoys motorsports; Mr. Cavallo is a Combat Veteran himself –

He was in OEF and served with the Buffalo Soldier’s 7th Squadron – 10th Cavalry; 4th ID; 1st BCT.

VCRA Donation page

Both of my sisters are Military Veteran’s. The youngest of us all is Mai, who served 10-years in the United States Air-Force – USAF. My older sister Natasha served 20-years in the United States Navy – USN. I know all too well the almost unavoidable consequences of serving Our Country from up close, personal, and familial.

Below you will find a flyer, and a fun, racing-themed brochure detailing the goals and aspirations of the VCRA. Please download and share these posters on social media, your websites, as well as print and post in physical locations to help us spread the word. We are gearing up to our 1st event by the end of August 2002, or at the latest September 2022 in the Hampton Roads Area.

Check back on the VCRA website or here on HAK | EYM News for updates and details.

August 16, 2022 News Release Contact:

Hakeem Alexander Kommunikations – (757) 834-0010


VCRA Donation page

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