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Wake me up before you go all right so the internal alarm clock for muscle repair wake me up before you go will go way the internal alarm clock for muscle repair pay

Now so this is an article that I found on the biotechniks I get emails from these different articles anyway this is from biotechniques I’m going to go through this really quick

But first by starting with the actual press release that was connected to this article rather than the biotechniques article so there was a press release in the article called wake me up before you go go

The internal alarm clock for muscle repair that article is on biotechniques under biochemistry and cell and tissue biology and news it’s from today the 11 august 2022

Written by grace tyrell and it has a news release attached to it so the press release attached to it so I am going to look through that press release for the first time

As well as read the article for the first time because I got it in my email I just saw it today and it’s very important for a few different reasons as a martial artist want to know more about muscle repair and how to optimize my workouts and performance overall

But I’m putting this on my hackuym or hakim alexander communications exercising your mind or h-a-k uim podcast here I’m callin because I’m playing around with press releases and working on coming up with my own unique design

Which I have based off of other stuff but this serves so many purposes and one of them is informing people of the things that we need to repair our muscles

So without further ado let me take a look at this and set this stuff up here all right the press release I’m going to click on the press release and let’s take a look at it

So the press release says hyaluronic acid a naturally occurring compound awakens stem cells to repair damaged muscle study published in science opens up new avenues for enhancing muscle regeneration

All right what’s up chris how are you doing I see you in the room I invited you up to the speakers but you can just stay down in the kids table if you want to

What’s going on here seeing my time go by there we go all right so let’s take a look at this press release august so that this was actually released on august 4

A new study published in the journal of science reveals a unique form of cell communication that controls muscle repair all right now what is this from the newsroom of this is from the newsroom of the ottawa hospital

And it says hospitality I don’t know how to listen guys my french is no good no bueno so I don’t do the french all right here we go a new study published in the journal science reveals a unique form of cell communication that controls muscle repair in damaged cells

Yes control in damaged muscle muscle stem cells must work together with immune cells to complete the repair process yet how these cells coordinate to ensure the efficient removal of dead tissue before making new muscle fibers has remained unknown

The scientists have now shown that a natural substance called hyaluronic acid which is used in cosmetics and injections for osteoarthritis is the key molecule that manages this fundamental interaction

Now that is pretty cool I just heard some really loud thunder which is nice I like thunder all right okay so let’s continue I knew something storm was a brewing here

I’m sitting outside all right we’ll see what happens if I start pouring down I mean I have to run when muscles are continuing this is a quote when muscles get damaged

It is important for immune cells to quickly enter the tissue and remove the damage before stem cells begin repair said dr. jeffrey gilworth senior scientist at the ottawa hospital and professor at the university of ottawa and senior author on the study

Quote our study shows that muscle stem cells are primed to start repair right away but the immune cells maintain the stem cells in a resting state while they finish the cleanup job after about 40 hours

Once the cleanup job is finished and internal alarm goes off in the muscle stem cells that allows them to wake up and start repair end quote dr. dilworth and his team identified hyaluronic acid as the key ingredient in this internal alarm clock that tells muscle stem cells when to wake up

When muscle damage occurs stem cells start producing and coating themselves with high allronic acids once the coating gets thick enough it blocks the sleep signal from the immune cells and causes the muscle stem cells to wake up

Using mouse and human tissues dr dilworth and his team also discovered how much using mouse and human tissues dr dilworth and his team also discovered how muscle stem cells control the production of highaluronic acid using epigenetic marks on the has two gene

Quote interestingly aging is associated with chronic inflammation muscle weakness and a reduced ability of muscle stem cells to wake up and repair damage

Said lead author doctor kieran naka research associate with dr. joework who conducted this research as part of his post doctoral studies if we could find a way to enhance high alloronic acid production in the muscle stem cells of older people

It might help with muscle repair it just might help continue that was an end quote the author’s note I wonder if this is too windy you know what I just got to check it

Afterwards I could go inside but I’m not going here the authors note that the regenerative effect of hyaluronic acid seems to depend on it being produced by the muscle stem cells

The team is currently examining if drugs that modify the epigenetics of muscle stem cells could be used to increase their production of high alarm okay

That was a jet all right so here we go we’re going to continue all right hello vlad so we’re going to take a look here again at the article that was a jet

Oh now the rest of this and the press release is all about the study so that was a quick press release all right very cool all right about dr. dilworth dr

Jeffrey dilworth is a senior scientist in the regenerative medicine program at the ottawa hospital which includes the sprout center for stem cell research and the sinclair center for regenerative medicine

He is also a professor in the department of cellular and molecular medicine lord his wind is getting crazy he is also a professor at the department of cellular and molecular medicine at the university of ottawa with a cross appointment to the department of medicine and surgery

Dr. dilworth is also the director of the ottawa center for epigenetics research a member of the stem cell network and recipient of the ottawa hospitals

Kretan that’s a french word that I do know how to pronounce french by the way of all the languages that I can speak is one that I don’t speak and also

Even if I try to pronounce a few words from there I’m terrible at it I don’t know why my french is harbored all right let’s take a researcher of the year

Wow so he was also a member of the stem cell network and recipient of the ottawa hospital’s crisis researcher of the year award for 2021 dr. dilworth and the other authors of this paper declare that they have no competing interest

Full reference jmjd hold on for a second

All right let’s take a look here funding oh yeah full reference so jmjd three by the way these links are in the show notes and description of this call in podcast and will be in the blog as well when I put this up on the site

So be able to look at these things without having to hear my voice if you just want to go to the links go ahead and do that jmjd three activated hyaluron synthesis drive

Muscle regeneration in an inflammatory environment kieran naka sarah hakmer zainab maktahri rodmila kovac hena bandikoa clara bernard yufeng liu yulio magid falaji lynne maggenini julian gondin benedict hazard

Marjorie brand kaika f jeffrey worth and that was from science august 4 2022 going on funding and support this research was funded by the canadian institutes of health research and the national institutes of health

All research at the ottawa hospital is also enabled by generous donors to the ottawa hospital foundation core resources used in this research include stem core flow cytometry and cell sorting

Cell biology and image acquisition about the ottawa hospital the ottawa hospital is one of canada’s top learning and research hospitals where excellent care is inspired by research and driven by compassion

As the third largest employer in ottawa our support staff researchers nurses physicians and volunteers never stop seeking solutions to the most complex healthcare challenges

Our multicampus hospital affiliated with the university of ottawa attracts some of the most influential scientific minds from around the world backed by generous support from the community

We are committed to providing the world class compassionate care we would want for our loved ones www dot ohri ca about the university of ottawa the university of ottawa is home to over 50,000 students

Faculty and staff who live work and study in both french and english our campus is a crossroads of cultures and ideas where bold minds come together to inspire game changing ideas

We are one of canada’s top ten research universities our professors and researchers explore new approaches to today’s challenges one of a handful of canadian universities ranked among the top 200 in the world

We attract exceptional thinkers and welcome diverse perspectives from across the globe that’s from www dot at ura ca media contact ameliabucanon senior communication specialist

Ottawa hospital research institute 613-297-8315 am buchanan at o hri ca and that’s it I’m going to stop here because it’s starting to rain outside and I need to go

And I’ll do a part two where I actually go through the biotechnique article that introduced me to this so that’s what I got to do I got to get out here so it rains

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